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The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness.For some of us, this simple word creates a havoc of anxiety. For others, this word stirs feelings of gratitude and a feeling of peace. And for others, it may cause a sarcastic reaction. That was where I was at just over a month ago.

By this time, you probably have a person or scenario playing out in your head and you either are smiling, seething mad that I’m even bringing this up or deep in thought about where I could possibly be going with this.

If you find yourself having to forgive people every day, it might be time to take a hard inventory on why you are allowing it to happen in the first place. 

Maybe the person you are continually forgiving is someone you work with. Maybe the person you continually forgive is a close friend who is usually there for you. Maybe it’s someone you’re in a relationship with. Or maybe, if you’re lucky, that person happens to be a family member.

Lucky? Why is it lucky to have a family member whom you constantly have to forgive?
Because the closer the person is to you, the harder this is going to be. The harder this lesson is to learn, the stronger the healing you will ultimately receive from the act of 100% forgiving that person!For some people, forgiving someone who cheated on them, lied to them or intentionally mistreated them is the last thing they’d ever think to do. For those who may have been abused or victimized, the thought of forgiving a perpetrator seems like a concept that is best left for saints. Or martyrs.

But the truth is, forgiveness doesn’t mean you must form a bond with them. And forgiving them doesn’t make you a martyr, however allowing them to mistreat you again does.

Want to feel a bit of what the power of forgiveness feels like? Get your tissues ready; this woman forgave the person who shot her in the face. This man forgave his son’s killer and now travels with him for speaking engagements around the country. Forgiveness heals like nothing else.

The truth is, by not forgiving someone, you are already holding onto an energetic bond people in metaphysics know as an ‘energetic cord’ or ‘psychic cord’. According to mystics, shamans and even some scientists, energetic cords can actually drain your energy or continue to feed the perpetrator’s negative energy into you, which can then block your chakras (the body’s seven energy centers which all relate to physical health) and in turn hinders or stagnates your spiritual growth. (If this is too far-fetched for those who don’t believe in energy within our bodies or spiritual cords, feel free to move on. However, if this is even the slightest bit intriguing to you, keep an open mind.)

How does that happen in reality or psychologically speaking? Well think about it. The second that person’s name is mentioned, what do you say? Or better yet, how do you feel? Does your chest tighten or a knot form in your stomach? Or does your face turn red with anger or rage, bubbling forth a tirade of insults and words people would balk if they heard you say? Or do you go into that very same story you’ve told various people over the years, trying to explain how much this person affected your life or caused you to be a certain way?

There is no question that our emotions are tied to our health. That is why I am talking about a virtue that has the power to eliminate anger, pain, resentment, fear and even guilt (if the person you need to forgive is yourself).

Wait. How am I healing myself by forgiving?
1. From a psychological standpoint, forgiveness creates a domino effect of compassion or empathy for everyone else in your life. So by forgiving someone you’ve found it hard to forgive, many of the other emotions you might have harbored such as fear, hate, anger or shame that might have been connected to the person or situation will disappear. You might even start to see situations from other perspectives and notice you are much more calm and patient when something doesn’t go the ideal way.2. Energetically speaking, by ‘speaking your truth’ and healing an emotional wound through forgiveness, you are healing your throat chakra, which may have played a role in blocking a nearby chakra related to a host of other emotional issues. For example, unblocking the throat chakra might allow proper energy flow to the heart thereby strengthening your immune system (since the heart chakra is related to allergies and the immune system)! This is just one example of the powerful role emotions play in our overall health.

3. According to an article in Psychological Science, people who harbored grudges had significantly higher corrugator
(brow) electromyogram (EMG), skin conductance, heart rate, and blood
pressure changes from baseline compared to people who exhibited empathy
or practiced forgiveness on their offenders.

One can assume that medically speaking, negative emotions tied to holding on to anger or resentment will manifest as stress, which numerous studies cite as a reason for numerous diseases and a compromised immune system. Therefore, holding on to negative emotions will affect allergies. 

4. From a metaphysical standpoint, if you
have a child with severe allergies or eczema, there is a good chance
that child is an empath. I am coming out of the closet as an empath since I was born (more about these experiences in a later post). I had dreams that came true. I had sleep paralysis every single night for almost twenty years. I have numerous stories that I’ve only told close friends because my family told me not to and were scared of it because of religious beliefs. But now I am no longer going to hide who I am or what I’ve learned. I’ve found from my 34 years of experience with
food allergies that the majority of the children or adults I meet born
with severe allergies are naturally empathic or ‘sensitive’ to the energy of people, places and/or things. If you don’t know what
this is or means, here is a video to help explain.


That being said, if you are a parent of an empath child with severe allergies, that child does not yet know how to protect himself or herself from negative energies that he or she absorbs from her environment. In fact, most people don’t. 

From an energy healing perspective, by healing yourself and practicing love and forgiveness within the home, you will also notice your child’s eczema get better. Of course, protecting the child from exposure to foods the child is allergic to is (from a medical standpoint) the only way to avoid reactions. However, for those who also react to environmental allergens like dust mites, pollen or ragweed, it is not the 100% answer. Paying attention to the environment and the people surrounding the child is part of the healing process since our emotions play a more pivotal role in our health than many of us understand. An empathic child that watches screaming, fighting or abuse will take on those emotions within himself or herself and it will manifest as more severe eczema over the years or maybe even progress with a new food allergy they weren’t previously allergic to. The child might even take on the negative energy of other children and break out in hives for no apparent reason. It took me a long time to realize this. I am no medical doctor or guru of any sort. Just someone who noticed patterns that many in this world do not pay attention to. If you talk to anyone with a child born with food allergies, many of the parents or grandparents of those families had a ‘family secret’ or an emotional wound within the family structure that was never healed, which may have ended in divorce, separation or even worse, a lifetime of abusive interactions with someone they continue to stay with. Before you get upset, take a moment to let this sink in. I know it is a lot to handle because it’s completely outside the realm of what you’ve ever been taught. This is also something you might not find in any books although some metaphysical books do talk about this. These patterns of abuse or neglect or pain are actually passed down the generations sometimes into the child, which manifest as immune system related issues such as allergies, which are linked to a blocked heart chakra. 

So How Do You Heal Your Child or Yourself?

For me, the healing process of the last month began with eating only things I cooked at home. If you know your child is empathic, being surrounded by love and people who love one another is ideal, however not realistic for many. For a child, the best thing a parent could energetically ever do is to heal themselves and practice love, compassion and forgiveness around that child. To balance the child’s energetic vibrations, being in nature and focusing on laughter and joy are in alignment with why they were put on this planet.

Negative ions from bodies of water help heal empaths.

 Inhaling fresh air and negative ions from the ocean or an area with a body of water is the best place for a child who is empathic. It revives them like nothing else.

In the past month, numerous things have changed and with these changes I had several epiphanies. 

I leave my house every day. Most in my family don’t completely understand my concept of energy but they’re listening. And there’s no shouting or fighting, although there was in the past. It just so happens that I can feel or take on the lower vibrations of whomever is within a few feet of me. For people like me, this gets very draining and manifests as hives or itching, which progressively gets worse if I don’t change my environment and shift to a higher vibration by grounding or cleansing my energy field. I’ve noticed that ever since I stay alone and am very careful whom I spend time with, my hives are gone. I cut people out of my life who do not serve my highest good. I’ve lost a few friends who don’t understand. I practice setting boundaries and saying no to invitations that my intuition tells me I should not go to. Doing this allows me to preserve my energy field and keep my aura free of negativity. I rarely go on social media because I notice an energy shift and my face starts to itch if I’m on for more than ten minutes. Many of you in the food allergy boards might notice I am no longer around. It’s not that I don’t want to help people. But I realized by commiserating, I was only making the problem stronger. I also practice a lot of energy healing and listen to subliminal message videos to reprogram my mind and ultimately, change my reality and the natural thoughts that pop up. I no longer listen to rock music or pop. Only classical or positive talks. Otherwise I feel that shift. I ground by taking walks in nature or leaning against a tree during meditation. I also use sound frequency healing for healing and balancing, which will be it’s own topic in a later post. 

I’m not saying any of you have to do any of these things. I’m only telling you what has healed me and continues to heal me every day. Hopefully something here resonates with you and helps you to realize that there is so much more to this existence than we could have ever possibly imagined.

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