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Posting on Social Media During An Allergic Reaction is Like Drunk Dialing

The more cynical my writing is, the more likely you can bet I’m in healing mode. Maybe it rained and I’m not myself. Maybe its allergic reaction symptoms due to the molds and pollens being whipped into the air by the storms. In which case I’m in cozy fleece pajamas with glasses and woozy on 25mg of hydroxyzine after a nap I woke from.


“Do not operate machinery while taking this medication” repeats over and over in my head like a song.
I am completely useless to myself or anyone right now.
Which also means I should probably avoid social media, too. 
Do I? Nope. Of course, not.
You love when I post in histamined-out states of rambling consciousness. Almost as much as I love going back and reading my own rants.
During allergic reactions and loopy on antihistamines, the mind tends to become impassioned. Much more emotional than usual.Things that normally wouldn’t bother me become an attack on everything I stand for.
So–must defend.

Or on the other hand, I need steady alternating doses of inspiration, education and connection. I’ll go watch some of my favorite YouTubers and leave comments since there’s not much else to do when I have hand eczema. Or maybe I can’t stay up much longer with all the meds I just took to calm the itchy  Scratchy show. I love supporting those whose work I admire or moves me in some way so I can’t help it.

The problem is in inflammation mode, I see things through the lens of a person who is insecure, unsure and who cares a lot about what others think.

I hate that.
I want to feel free again. To me, being free of allergic reaction rash corresponds with a sane mind. But apparently the bad moments tended to overshadow the happy. So a few years ago, doctors diagnosed me with Cyclothymia (which is the milder form of Bipolar disorder. Later at age 40- doctors diagnosed me with-Bipolar Disorder I, the more severe form of Bipolar disorder.
I wish I could tell you the events that led up to that diagnosis. But not now. Maybe one day. For now, we won’t wake the sleeping bear.
young girl sleeping
Studies link allergic reaction symptoms to depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses like bipolar disorder.

Do allergic reactions cause mental illness?

Do I believe there is a link between allergic reactions and mental illness? Absolutely, yes. Proven in fact, by studies like this UK study from October 2021 which says those with asthma, atopic dermatitis and hay fever have a higher likelihood of having depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or neuroticism. In another article, The fact that allergic rhinitis or hay fever is also linked to suicide risk means that it is especially important to monitor the mental health aspect of allergic reaction symptoms carefully and pay attention to changes in mood and behavior, whether it is in yourself or your loved one.

Acceptance is key

It took me years to finally admit that I needed a full mind-body approach to my own care. I used to be afraid I would have some weird reaction to pills or an allergic reaction to medications as I have in the past. So far, I’ve been on two medications, Zoloft and a low dose of Abilify which have both worked wonders.
Alternative medicine for mental health often involves the elimination of certain foods which trigger brain allergies or brain fog allergy symptoms. These kinds of allergies are not considered IgE allergic reactions but are more often considered a food intolerance. Allergic reaction rash might not be present but the mood swiftly changes. Many psychiatric drugs used to treat anxiety or depression are often antihistamines as well. This fact suggests that some mental problems could indeed be allergenic in origin, which is detailed in this very interesting article. 
Having bipolar disorder isn’t an end. Instead, I see it as a beginning as some of the greatest artists, musicians and creators in the world have lived with it. It is also a beginning because we are only scratching the surface of mental health and how it relates to allergies. I believe once we have more studies and more information, we can not only learn what causes what but also learn to understand consciousness and the mind better than we ever have before.


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