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Battling A Cold or Flu With Severe Soy Allergies

 So I’ve been battling this cold/flu since Wednesday of last week and have used every remedy and supplement in my arsenal.

I’ve been taking massive doses of Ester C with every meal, drinking tons of juice, boiling huge chunks of peeled/chopped ginger to make tea and taking Oregano Oil still to no avail!

We all know the frustration of normal grocery store soup aisles and not finding a dang thing among the hundreds of MSG-laden, GMO promoters that are actually, TRULY soy-free.

The good news is my friend raved about a dish he loves called Vietnamese Pho (pronounced “fuh”) and I went out of my way to try to make it since it sounded so yummy.

I went on an internet search and saw that the homemade version takes about 6-7 hours to make. So I went looking for an easier way and found Happy Pho products at Whole Foods. This week, the brand is on sale so I went a little overboard, since they have a couple flavors: Zesty Ginger, Garlic or Shitake Mushroom. All their products are gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free!!!

My personal favorite is the Zesty Ginger

I was more than excited because its not your usual ramen or soup mix. Traditionally, you start with very thin slices of grass-fed beef (for those of us especially sensitive to soy), which I seasoned with salt, pepper and sautéed in some sesame oil (you may also marinate the pieces of beef in coconut aminos, salt and pepper if you wish for an hr, but I’m too impatient for that!) The beef slices are also supposed to be as thin as possible, but mine were thicker since I didn’t have the knives or patience.

Once the beef is cooked, put it to the side. Each box of Happy Pho says to cut up 1/8 tsp of fresh ginger and 1 cup of scallions (Chinese onions) per package. Each package is two servings, so I like to use two boxes and double the extra ingredients.

One EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ingredient I added while the water is boiling is Edward & Sons Not-Beef Bouillon Cubes (3.1-Ounce Boxes – Pack of 12). These bouillon cubes are gluten-free and are completely soy-free. I use two cubes for every box of Happy Pho. This lends the beefy broth flavor usually attained from several hours of cooking different bones and oxtail that make the homemade dish so complicated.

The ginger and scallions are added to the dish AFTER soup and noodles are cooked. Usually there are bean sprouts also added to the top of the dish, but I used organic alfalfa, which worked perfectly. You can also add cilantro if you’re not in the mood for tons of chopped scallions (although scallions are delicious in the dish as well!).

You also add chili sauce (with the rooster on the front) which is found in oriental markets….I used the same brand’s chili paste, just a teaspoon since I like it spicy.

Traditionally, the Vietnamese also add Hoisin Sauce, but being that the sauce is primarily made of soy, I left it out and my results were still so delicious!!! This will be a staple in my house from now on, for sure!!

I also love the fact that it is gluten-free, since I seem to be having major digestive problems with glutens lately…I’m praying that its just part of my cold/flu bug and that I don’t have celiac disease along with all my allergies, but going for tests to find out…..wish me luck!


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  1. I have made pho before from scratch, using lots of spices from my local Asian store. It is tasty. I noted a lot of the spices sold there is just the plain dried spice / leaves without junk added. A good way to avoid catching colds / flu is to make a lot of homemade soup during the fall and winter. I make tons of soup from scratch, with either chicken, turkey, duck or beef. I get the duck from my Asian store. Use the meat with bones in it for a good broth. You cook it an hour. Meat from muscle is also good for your thyroid, so get wings, legs, etc. To make it good for cold / flu, add garlic, onions, ginger and leeks. In Asia they use leeks for colds or that's what I read anyway. I haven't had a single cold all winter by eating this way. Add other veggies like carrots, celery, daikon, fresh herbs, chayote, pumpkin, squash, whatever you like. Add sea salt. Bone broth is supposed to help heal the gut. That's why I eat a lot of it. Plus its healthy. And its way healthier than processed stuff! It provides you with natural vitamins and minerals.I have had “flu-like symptoms” from Histamine reactions. It seemed like a cold / flu but was NOT. A lot of people on a whole / paleo diet run into histamine reactions from eating high histamine foods. This could be your “flu”. Stuff like spinach, tomato, ripe banana, pineapple, etc are high histamine. Some people also get histamine reactions from exercise or hot weather. If its histamine, the stuff for colds wont work. Try drinking some salt water throughout the day.

  2. You're a complete stranger but I feel like you understand me! My daughter, 5, is very allergic to soy, and although tests don't say so, also to gluten or whatever in bread/wheat, shellfish, eggs, and maybe dairy?? We can never stop for a donut or drive through Mickey's, and birthday parties are just sad!Researching food allergies takes up a good majority of my free time. I love your website, sooo glad I found it. I am going to make her a bowl of this TODAY, right before the Enjoy Life CHOCOLATE for dessert!!As a mom, I find info like yours significantly more pertinent and helpful than medical journal articles, etc. May I ask how old you are, and how long you've had your soy allergy??Thank you!!

  3. Jean,I'm 32…I completely understand your pain. I had it since I was a baby…my mom struggled with my food allergies at a time when it was much more rare than it has become now. You are lucky there is so much on the market that is soy-free and nut-free….and more products are coming out every day!! It is a complete lifestyle change but it IS definitely manageable. She will learn to cook. She will become a stronger person with the struggles she will go through–and she will thank you for being her best advocate. =) Definitely get on Pinterest and add me on there…I have a few boards FULL of soy-free/peanut-free/gluten-free recipes. We basically just have to get creative and you will do most of your grocery shopping on Amazon and at Whole Foods/Stop and Shop.If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask. I am so honored to be able to help you and your daughter on this journey…thank you for stopping by!

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