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Review: Nonuttin Oatmeal and Granola!

As someone with severe soy and nut allergies, cooking oatmeal from scratch is kind of a chore and finding chewy granola bars without soy, nut warnings or nut ingredients is one definition of crazy I try to avoid.


What were you thinking?!!

We learn through the allergy community that health food stores and online shopping is the way to go for most of our allergen-free needs.

About a month ago, I wrote to a company online, thanking them for creating the best granola I’ve ever had. The company was Nonuttin Foods and the product was Vanilla Caramel granola. I had found it at my nearby Whole Foods and if you have severe allergies, you must try it. I ate it as cereal with some milk and the texture and flavor are just so addictive! I plan on using it for my apple crisp recipe as well…

Nonuttin Foods was founded by Alana Elliott, a mother, who like many of us became frustrated when she couldn’t find healthy, allergen-free snacks for her daughter with severe nut and milk allergies. All products as well as the facility are completely nut-free, soy-free and dairy-free. They are also non-GMO. For those with multiple allergies, they are also free of several other allergens as well.  

Disclosure: Last week, I was so excited to receive a box of samples from No Nuttin Foods which included a variety of single-serve oatmeal portions, Vanilla Caramel granola and the four varieties of granola bars they carry. I am not being paid commissions or any monetary compensation for this review so all opinions stated are factual from my own tasting experience.

IMG 4930 (2)

Sunny Start was my favorite of the four! =)

I’m not normally very fond of raisins, but the combination of the Nonuttin’s Gluten-Free Sunny Start Oatmeal is something I could eat on a regular basis. The texture and crunch of the sunflower seeds is nice adds to the ‘just right’ sweetness of the dried cranberries and raisins.

IMG 4931 (2)

Here’s a close-up.

I add hot water two inches below the top to leave room for milk. The instructions say to let it sit (covered) for four minutes, but I usually only do it for two or three (I’m not patient when something looks good..)

I turned Nonuttin’s Gluten-Free Daily Hug
from good to delicious by adding a teaspoon of brown sugar and a shake of nutmeg (nutmeg is a seed, not a nut, so safe for most but check with your doc) which tasted like a healthy version of warm
apple pie! You can also use one small packet of Stevia if you’re
watching your calories. It already contains the dried apples and cinnamon, with a tiny hint of sweet.

I love that there is very little added
sugar (makes it more healthy) and they use real pieces of
dried apples instead of the processed freeze-dried ones normally used
in cereals.

IMG 4938 (2)

Pacific Morning contained hints of surprise =)

IMG 4940 (2)

Check out the cranberries and blueberries!

I have a huge appetite and was surprised to find I was full after one serving cup of any of these oatmeals! The oats are also thicker than the instant oats you find in popular brands–closer to ‘old fashioned’ oats, which I happen to like better anyway.

IMG 4935 Copy (2)

Blueberries, apples, sunflower seeds and cinnamon, oh my!

No Nuttin’s Gluten-Free Morning Mojo Oatmeal was (sadly) my last contender for the week with a hearty texture. It is also good, but my favorites are still Sunny Start and Daily Hug.

Throughout the week at the strangest times (usually around 3AM) I decided to try the granola bars. Topping the list is the Nonuttin’s Apple Cinnamon Granola Bar (my absolute fave).

I had been looking for a good oats granola bar that was soy-free since my favorite bars from fifteen years ago, Nature Valley’s Oats and Honey, started using peanuts in their facility and there were warnings all over their products. Boooo!!

I am thrilled there is finally a company who makes chewy nut-free and soy-free granola bars we sensitive food allergy folk can eat!

The Nonuttin Double Chocolate Chunk Granola Bar is a healthier alternative to soy-free candy bars to get that mid-day chocolate fix. First off, the chips in this bar contains 70% cocoa which makes them taste more on the dark chocolate side (in my opinion) than milk chocolate. I liked these way better than the Nonuttin Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.

Nonuttin’ Chocolate Chip Granola Bars contain less chocolate and cocoa (55%) for those of you who like just a hint. They’re good, but not my faves.

The Nonuttin Raisin Granola Bars are chewy and moist, just like all the other bars, with just the right amount of honey and raisins. These are great for people who want their granola to taste healthy or maybe are looking for a trail mix alternative.

Now you can go on those long walks you’ve been wanting to take. Okay, not that long.

Hopefully you all now have a good idea of what this truly aware company has to offer!

Oh, also an FYI: There are a few granola cereals currently buy one get one free (BOGO) so take advantage of that deal while supplies last! I know I will! =)


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