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Can Allergies Cause Depression?

 The anxiety and fear food allergy sufferers face on a daily basis is not easily explained to those who do not have a severe food allergy. The eczema symptoms make you look like you are covered in burns and constant peeling, itchy skin that no Vaseline or cream can make better. The pain in your stomach makes you feel like you must know what having a baby feels like. You are tired and fatigued, not just from the allergic reaction, but also from all the antihistamines you are forced to take and you wonder why this condition is not considered a disability (although recently, a judge ordered that it is!). We all know what it looks like so I’m going to save you the anxiety-provoking visuals.

I know how it feels to want to hide from the world because you can’t exactly wear a sign on your head that says “I am not catchy, its just food allergies!”

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When I have an allergic reaction, I usually hide from the public.

Boosting your mood and staying positive while living with allergies is vital to your mental health. Take time for yourself often and find ways to be happy. List all the things you are thankful for. Make a list of all the positive things you have done for others or the things that people like about you; nobody has to see these lists but you.

I know I spoke about the benefits of flaxseed oil in one of my blogs before so I decided to write an article about it. While researching studies and medical journals, I also read about the benefits of fish oil for depression; here is what I came up with.

If you have a Pinterest page, try pinning all the things you can possibly find that make you happy. Here are some of my boards to get you started:

Close To My Heart


Make the most of what you do have and remember, there is hope. You don’t have to feel sad or depressed from allergies–reactions are only temporary. Here are some tips to help you during a reaction from something you ate. If the reaction is from something you touched or breathed in, read this. Remember, stress aggravates allergies, so try to keep calm and do things that make you feel good. Remember, there is a reason you are still alive today, so hold on to that and inspire others with your strength. That’s all for today, folks; hope you all have a happy and healthy day! Widgets

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