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Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone survived the holidays without an eczema reaction; I know the cold months tend to be a bit easier on my skin as long as I moisturize constantly, drink plenty of fluids and allergy-proof my diet.

I apologize for not posting sooner, I’ve been very busy focusing writing online articles on Hubpages, Squidoo and Yahoo Contributor Network, while managing social media and learning as much as I can about SEO. Most of you will probably have no clue what I’m talking about, but for those of you who do, you probably have an idea of how time-consuming it can be!
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This is what I would be doing. If I were not allergic to pollen ^-^

That said, I’d like to introduce you to my Twitter page, #Mayashappyplace

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Add me on there to keep up with my allergenic happenings; there are lots of soy allergy, peanut allergy and general food allergy companies on there that are good for those with food sensitivities and gluten free diets, too! You never know what people will share; for anyone on a special diet, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to eating.

Here are some links to some of my recent articles that might help you and make sure to add me on whichever social networks you see available:

Traveling With Severe Food-Allergies

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There are many more articles coming soon! I’ve put a hiatus on my video blogs (vlogs) but will go back to them possibly once I get a new computer (had a little ‘accident’ with blueberry juice) and my hard drive is apparently in Kentucky. So for now, I’m borrowing my boyfriend’s laptop to keep the ball rolling.

Keep staying positive everyone and thank you for visiting Mayashappyplace!

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  1. Hi Maya,I just discovered your blog and am excited to keep up! You write so lovely! Am I understanding this right, you've been allergic to peanuts all your life? As an adult, do you test every so often or that just moot?

  2. Hello Gratefulfoodie!Thank you! Yes, I have been allergic to peanuts (with above anaphylaxis level IgE tests) since birth. At that time, from kindergarten until elementary school, I was the only one in the entire two schools I went to who had an Epi-Pen at the nurse's office. Nothing was segregated as it is today and I went home from reactions an average of 2-4 times per week, sine the Food Labeling Act did not yet exist. The last time I tested was about four years ago and the results were the same for peanuts, but my soy allergy got worse over the past ten years. I am now almost peanut-level reaction to tofu/fermented soy as well. As I got older, I started testing less often, because (as you prob already know) you can't use any antihistamines several days prior to a test or it can affect results. Since I have to be on Allegra and Zyrtec daily along with Atarax as needed, I shy away from testing and just omit anything I know will hurt me.I suppose doing it every five years (as an adult) is a good idea, though!Thank you so much for stopping by and its a pleasure to meet you!=)

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