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Products for Spaghetti and Meatsauce!!! / Creekstone Farms Warning

Hello all! On a positive note:

I did some shopping yesterday at believe it or not, Walmart! I got McCormick Granulated Garlic and McCormick Thick and Zesty Spaghetti Sauce Mix. I also bought ORGANIC Muir Glenn Pasta Sauce for much cheaper than the grocery or health food store…I got ‘Tomato Basil’ and ‘Cabernet Marinara’. None of these products contain soy or any derivatives. The only thing you will have to watch out for is if you use ground beef for your sauce, since many farms feed beef soy, so that takes a bit of research or calling. Oh yes I even buy the pasta there…Its the Smart Taste Ronzoni thin spaghetti with 2x the fiber! No soy derivatives whatsoever and it fills you up faster than regular pasta.

I just used Creekstone Farms Sirloin Lean Ground beef from Wild By Nature for my spaghetti and had a reaction. The package states 100% vegetarian fed but as we all know, that could very well mean soy.

I called the company in Kansas and told them I have severe soy allergy and need to know if soy is used in their feed. The second woman who got on the phone said that there is no soy added to the beef. I said what I need to know is about the feed…I need to know if the feed has soy and she told me there is likely no soy in the feed. As we all know, ‘likely’ is not good enough. I said, “well, is there anybody I could talk to or write to because I need to know for sure?” She then said, “No, we use several manufacturers so there is no way of knowing for sure.” I said thank you, and hung up.

Definitely not good. I will not be buying this brand again and I urge anyone with soy allergy to be careful of Creekstone Farms meats because they could not seem to give me a straight answer.

I feel like a guinea-pig trying meats to see if I react. I will try calling them from now on before I buy…hopefully that minimizes reactions.

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