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A multiple food allergy kid grows up.

"So If I Cover the Door Handle in Peanut Butter I Can Kill You?"

Growing up with a food allergy (or multiple ones) and living with them is hard enough, but what do you do about the jokes and the cracks at your expense?

I recently experienced the titled question at my most recent job (which I have since left) and I just find it so interesting how insensitive people can be, even just trying to make light of it. I’d like to say to those people, that the best courtesy you can offer is not to say anything at all. Its not that I’m sensitive or don’t like jokes at my expense, but who really wants a death threat shrouded in comedy? Its not funny. Deep down, a red flag goes up to watch out for you. Deep down, a red flag goes up telling me you don’t understand..that you won’t possibly understand unless you see me suffering.

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