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A multiple food allergy kid grows up.

Celebrities and Famous Kids With Food Allergies

Have you ever wondered how many celebrities out there have kids with food allergies? Well, you’d be surprised.

Kourtney Kardashian recently had a scare with her son, Mason, who threw up and had a face full of hives after being given peanut butter. He was rushed to the hospital for peanut allergy but is reportedly now doing fine!

 Ross, from the TV show “Friends” had some episodes where he had peanut allergy. Serena Williams is rumored to be allergic to peanuts, but we don’t know to what extent.
Katie Couric has been quoted as saying she has a nephew with PA. Ray Romano has the peanut allergy.

Hey peanut-allergy sufferers!! Be thankful you are not Drew Barrymore. She is allergic to garlic and coffee. 

Clay Aiken apparently has a severe allergy to tree-nuts (along with several other foods like mushrooms, wheat and shellfish) and told Tyra Banks he can “react without ingesting them.” Hmmm, sounds familiar, eh? Its nice to know we’re not alone!

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