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Trader Joe's Foods We Can Eat: List

Disclaimer: Make sure you read all ingredients of products carefully again before eating; it is up to you to decide if the product is safe. I am not responsible for changes made without my knowledge.

..and now for the list. All of the following are things I can eat. FYI, I HAVE THE PEANUT, SOY AND TREE-NUT ALLERGIES. UPDATED 9/26/2012

Avocados Number Guacomole and Spicy Guacomole (in the refrigerated section) – This guacomole is AMAZING. So good with some corn chips (you will have to get the chips at another store…all Trader Joe’s corn chips are no-nos, as far as I know). The spicy guacomole is not for the faint of heart…it is FIRE, but if you are in the mood for self-torture (which sometimes, I must admit I am), then knock yourself out.

Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Pasta

All of the Trader Joe’s brown Rice Pastas have been okay for me anytime and as much as I want. A tip when cooking brown rice pasta: bring water to complete boil first then add pasta, otherwise consistency can become gluey.

Frozen Mango Chunks
Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Brownie Mix
The taste is very close to the real thing. but the texture takes some getting used to. Add a bit of Vanilla Extract and maybe some chocolate chips by ‘Enjoy Life’ foods. If you can, use milk instead of water.

Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free
Waffle and Pancake Mix
This mix is a WONDERFUL alternative to wheat pancakes.  Be sure to measure exact and if you are not allergic to milk, use it in place of water.

Lemon Pepper Papardelle Pasta (wheat)
This is my guilty pleasure. I saute some minced garlic and olive oil with a sprinkle of basil.

(do NOT use Trader Joe’s basil…there is a warning that it may contain tree-nuts. )

Meyenberg Goat Milk – Awesome alternative to cow’s milk. Better tolerated by people allergic to cow’s milk although you must still check with your allergist and/or pediatrician. Until I was about ten years old, I was allergic to cow’s milk; so my mom gave me goat’s milk. The taste is really good in my opinion and tastes better than cow’s milk. Ideal for people who are lactose-intolerant (like me).

 Misto Alla Griglia – Found in the frozen food section, this delectable vegetable side dish made up of eggplant and zucchinis in olive oil is seasoned just right…add a shake of salt and dig in!

Reed’s Ginger Beer – This ginger drink is the KING of ginger ales. It contains no alcohol and is PERFECT if you are feeling nauseous or sick…it helps calm your stomach and is tasty to drink on its own.

Mixed Olive Bruschetta – Olive lovers unite! Put it on crackers (safe ones, of course! I use matzo crackers)

Southwest Chicken Quesadillas-These quesadillas come two per box and are perfect with sour cream and guacomole!!!  After microwaving, saute in a little bit of butter to crisp the outside….you will thank me!

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cheesecake (seasonal)– SAFE and pure HEAVEN.

Trader Joe’s Ridge Cut Salt & Pepper Potato Chips
It comes in a blue and tan bag. I must warn you, though…you will NOT stop at one chip. This is the best potato chip that I’ve ever had and not a good one to have around the house for dieting or trying to lose weight!

Trader Joe’s Grass-Fed Ground Beef – Grass-fed beef has a tendency to be expensive, but Trader Joe’s brand is very reasonable and I’m excited to try it!! Found in both the frozen section and refrigerated section, this is great for making bolognese or pasta sauces with meat or anything else that requires ground beef.

…that’s all I have for now but I will add again very soon!

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