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Peanut Derivatives and Tree Nut Derivatives


arachis oil

beer nuts


goober nuts

goober peas

ground nuts




nut meats

Other Sources of Peanuts:

Almond & hazelnut paste, icing, glazes, marzipan, nougat

Nut substitutes e.g. reflavoured and reformed peanuts that

look like other nuts

Baked goods, e.g., cakes, cookies, doughnuts, pastries



Desserts, e.g., frozen desserts, frozen yogurts, ice cream,

sundae toppings

Dried salad dressing, soup mix

Ethnic foods (including sauces and soups), e.g., chili, curries,

egg rolls, satays, Szechwan sauce,Thai food


Hydrolyzed plant protein/vegetable protein (source may be peanut)

Peanut oil

Snack foods, e.g., candy, chocolate, dried fruits,

energy/granola bars, mixed nuts, popcorn, potato chips,

trail mixes

Vegetarian meat substitutes

Non-food sources of peanuts

Ant baits, bird feed, mouse traps, pet food

Cosmetics, sun screens

Craft materials

Medications, vitamins

Mushroom growing medium

Stuffing in toys

For Tree Nut derivatives, see my friend Julie’s blog, Natural and Free, which is a great resource for a tree nut derivative list as well as soy-free nut-free recipes!

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