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Where To Find Soy-Free Nut-Free Chocolate Or Recipes!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, its not easy walking through pharmacies and groceries and seeing the flood of red and pink aisles of stuff that we know we can’t eat. Yet we still find ourselves meandering over to the shelf, being tempted by some obscure looking gourmet chocolate treat from Sweden or Denmark, or that pretty foil-covered rose, thinking if its from another country maybe they don’t use peanuts or soy.

The ingredients (I think?) are in eight different languages in a font size only a seven year old ninja could see (don’t ever underestimate the eyesight or hearing of a child) when finally we find the English version staring at us at the very top of the list. “May contain traces of peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pinenuts and every other $#%&!@ nut you wish never ever came into existence.” You throw it back like someone just threw a ticking bomb into your hand (the five second rule applies, right? Probably not, so it is always a good idea to wash your hands after incidents like this.)

Oh trust me. I know this mix of anxiety and desperation, which has led to crazily scanning the backs of every foreign chocolate you could possibly find that looks plain and nut-free because you KNOW Hershey doesn’t seem to wanna change their soy lecithin policy and those rashes (or worse) from lecithin are just not worth it.


Is February and these colors giving you an urge for chocolate? Be safe and make your own!

If you have a nut allergy, the risk of anaphylactic shock is always at the forefront of your mind.

Well, after that trip to CVS, you probably feel itchy, annoyed and frustrated. Why does soy lecithin have to be in everything? Well, its an emulsifier and its cheap. *rolls eyes*

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to go through that nonsense anymore.

If you don’t already know of the amazing company, Enjoy Life, you must be fairly new to soy allergies or nut allergies, which is okay–Most of us have been there. Enjoy Life sells candy bars,
semisweet chocolate chips for baking, cookies and lots of other yummy goodies in a dedicated soy-free, gluten-free and nut-free facility. Their chocolate is the perfect ingredient for most recipes (I’ve used it to make cookies and chocolate chip pancakes!) and most of all, it’s safe. Buy these chips and make your own chocolate candy at home; this is the safest way to go and your friends and family will definitely thank you for it! Choose your fudge recipe or make fondue–just click on the picture of the soy-free nut-free sweet decadence of your choice for the recipe on my Pinterest page!
If you’re looking for something different, Abe’s Market is the way to go.  But be forewarned; smaller companies are more likely to have undeclared allergens so if you have anaphylaxis to peanut, I’d recommend sticking with Enjoy Life or bigger companies that are a dedicated nut-free facility. Abe’s Market also has a lot of gluten-free mixes which are likely safe, but unfortunately we can never be truly sure, even with allergen labeling.

I took some time to read some brand ingredients on the Abe’s Market website and here’s what I found:

USDA Certified Organic
non-GMO soy-free Gnosis Chocolate which
comes in a wide array of flavors, but the ones on sale are Simplicity, Passion and Superchoc.
Simplicity is the safest for us–it only contains two ingredients. The others contain many herbs which might interact if you take medication. On
sale, they range from $10-15
Gnosis Fleur De Sel and Pom Acai are pricey indulgences at 26.36 each

Mother’s Chocolate Sauce
contains no soy (ten bucks)!

Handmade Hot Fudge
looks absolutely crave-worthy and not a bad deal at

Mother’s White Chocolate Sauce
looks like a delectable addition to your
homemade mocha latte…$10

Mother’s Caramel Sauce
looks like it would be delicious drizzled on top of
fresh-baked brownies still warm and slightly undercooked….$10

·        If you love
Dark Chocolate, the Dark Chocolate
Hot Fudge Sauce
(pack of 2!) should fulfill those cravings without the
reaction! $24

So far, these are all I could find, so feel free to suggest others you know of and love!

Also, here is a recipe for soy-free and nut-free Brownie Hearts by Martha Stewart! Sooo cute!!

Tired of chocolate? Try this Meringue With Chantilly Cream Recipe!!!

If you’re on Pinterest, my name on there is Mayashappyplace =) Be sure to add me for my latest recipe finds and so much more! If you’re not on there, JOIN – its free and you will find SO many recipes and tips for soy-free and nut-free living as well as alot of Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, which I love.

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  1. Enjoy Life chocolate is great and so readily available! I am finding it more and more in stores. I recommend them all the time on my blog. 🙂

  2. Julie, Yes, they have definitely been my favorite allergy-safe company for years! I think as more people get diagnosed, we will see more companies now and into the future….crossing my fingers!Thank you for stopping by and nice to meet you! =)

  3. I agree! The more we get the word out, the better! :)Nice to officially meet you, too! 🙂

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