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The Carnivore's Guide To Grass-Fed Meat

I am a big-time carnivore. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate animals or think they should be killed for no reason. And honestly when I really think about it or am forced to watch those ‘kill me now commercials’, I start to itch just from my nerves and the fact that I really can’t ever be vegetarian with my multiple food allergies.

 I’ve tried. It lasted a day. Then I got really hungry.

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Portrait of me as a vegetarian.
For those of us with soy or nut allergies, we love meat. Chicken, beef, pork, lamb….anything that can be simmered or sauteed in sauce. We love flavor and look all over the place for new recipes and ideas to print or save. (On this note: Join my Pinterest page for lots of recipes I’ve found!)
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Can you really eat barbecued meat again? YES!
So today, I decided to do a little research on the best places in the USA to buy grass-fed beef. For the past two years I’ve been getting my grass-fed beef from Whole Foods and surprise surprise! No soy allergy reaction to the feed like I normally get! My local Trader Joe’s also started carrying grass-fed beef in the frozen and refrigerated sections. People are starting to catch on!
(Side note FYI for soy allergy newbies: I also make sure to only buy wild-caught fish to ensure my fish are not farm-raised with soy feed. Also watch out for eggs, many are fed with soy feed…reduce your risk of reaction by buying only USDA Certified Organic eggs)
So here are some links to some places that sell grass-fed meat!! 
Costco – They now carry grass-fed products in store and online.
North Star Bison Meats – HUGE variety of grass-fed meats! I read that they ship items with ice packs to keep meats fresh and cold!
Slanker’s Grass-Fed Meats – Also got great reviews on some message boards I checked out.
This is all I have so far but I will add to this list as I discover more reputable sources!! Happy eating everyone!

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  1. My family and I are real big meat eaters also. Put it this way, dinner isn't dinner unless we have meat. But to make it healthy we only eat grass fed beef. I order it in large quantities from La Cense Beef and just pull it out of the freezer every day. They make it so convenient. Where do you get your meat from?

  2. Yes! I totally understand….for me, meat and rice (a habit from my Asian side) are a staple for me.Since I am typically impulsive and cook the same day I get my meat, I currently buy the grass-fed ground beef at Whole Foods. I find it is definitely the freshest there, but I also go to Trader Joe's or Strictly Gluten-Free out in Northport, NY for my grass-fed kobe beef burgers that are to die for, juicy and yummy!I'm going to try ordering from one of the companies I've listed on this blog once we have enough room to store it in the freezer….Thank you for the suggestion of La Cense and thank you for stopping by! I'll have to look them up soon….

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