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Strictly Gluten Free in East Northport, NY – Review

I absolutely LOVE Strictly Gluten-Free of East Northport, NY. First off, I was welcomed with a big smile and as soon as I told them I have a severe soy and peanut/tree-nut allergy, Steve (the owner) took me through each section of food, outlining which ones have no soy whatsoever. He was very genuine and very compassionate about my condition and told me that he does not put any product on the shelf that he or his wife have not tried and tested for themselves.

I was mainly interested in the frozen foods, since alot of frozen foods at gluten-free shops are more exclusive to the shop/shop owners’ tastes and cannot be easily ordered through the company websites (although some can). I ended up buying Pilot KOBE Grass-Fed Beef Burgers which retailed at about 7.99 for two burgers. I have to say that these are the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. I also ended up buying a loaf of soy-free nut-free Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Mountain White bread which was in the frozen section.

I toasted this bread lightly and have it with sunny-side up eggs or sometimes just with strawberry preserves and my coffee. Although it is supposed to be frozen, I had no problem leaving it in my fridge and taking out as needed…it didn’t get soggy or stale and its been over a week in my fridge!

It was after my purchases that I told Steve about my blog and told him how much his store means to not only the gluten-free community but the allergy-free community as well! I will surely be back to this grocery which stocks everything from baking, dry goods to brown-rice pastas and sauces. The frozen section is pretty vast as well, so I look forward to getting to know new items in the upcoming weeks. Although this store is about 30-40 minutes drive from home, it is worth it to be able to converse with such friendly and positive owners and staff. Strictly Gluten Free is located at 396A Larkfield Road East Northport, NY 11731 631-486-6835

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  1. MayaIt is much appreciated for the kind words about your experience at our store and it was nice seeing you again yesterday. I think it is great that you have become a voice for the GF & Allergy Free Community. Through your travels you will be able to encounter unique experiences which you will be able to share with many people.Keep up the great work. Next time you stop in let's chat more about your blog. SteveStrictly Gluten Free

  2. Steve – Thank you so much! Glad you stopped by! I meant every word and I look forward to speaking with you and be sure to check back every once in awhile as some topics I cover may affect gluten-free diets as well!

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