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****COSTCO Food Court****

Upon trial and error, I have noticed I am able to eat the pizza, grilled chicken caesar salad and berry smoothie with no problems whatsoever. The COSTCO website does not have the nutritional info, although they should. Upon doing some research, I found the actual data and nutritional information for COSTCO
and found most things seem to be SAFE for those with peanut and soy allergy but please read carefully, anyway. Here is the actual data sheet.

In this economy, alot of us are trying to save money while eating good food, so THANK YOU to Costco for allowing us to do that! A whole pizza pie is a BARGAIN at $9.99 here in NY. The huge grilled chicken caesar salad is $3.99! I encourage you all to write emails to Costco so that they don’t add soy or peanuts to anything!

I am a bit leary about the hot dog buns since most buns contain soy lecithin, so I will have to find out about that and whether the combo pizza with sausage is safe, since in my experience, most sausage on pizza contains soy protein. So for those of you extremely sensitive like me, stick to plain pizza and ask for no bun if you want the hot dog.

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  1. I have no problem with Costco cheese pizza, but won't try the toppings because I don't trust the sausage either. Split a hot dog with my husband the other day and definitely had a reaction. Could be the bun, but realized later that I know nothing about the ketchup, mustard or relish. Either way,not gonna make that mistake again. Sticking to the plain pizza.

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