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New Chips/Snacks!!!!

Frito Lay has come out with a Natural line of chips, my favorite being the Natural White Cheddar Puffs. They have the “Cheetos” logo on the front with NATURALS in big letters on top; I find them at Pathmark. It seems to be soy-free, because although it contains “natural flavors,” I have not had a reaction to it and all natural flavors usually make my hands break out with eczema. They also have a bag of potato chips in the NATURAL line. On one hand, both products are very addictive and have me running to the gym; on the other hand, what’s winter without some comfort food?

I also found America’s Choice eggnog, which I use in my coffee in the morning….same thing…this product contains natural flavors, but I have not had a reaction. From Pathmark.

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  1. Hello Maya. Soy is a weird allergy. Sometimes you react to stuff and sometimes you don't. With Natural Flavors, sometimes it needs to build up in your body before you notice a reaction. Or you may be getting a new reaction that you haven't noticed yet. I've gotten a whole bunch of various reactions from different types of soy, everything from sore throats to ear infections to sweaty feet to my fingers swelling up and cracking… I've even reacted to Fritos Original Corn Chips, which SHOULD be soy free but I think the corn is contaminated with soy (apparently common these days sadly). I will be creating my own soy blog soon! Do you get a reaction from regular Coke or Pepsi? I don't. The Wild Cherry Pepsi made my feet sweat like crazy for 3 days. And regular Sprite made my face tingle (my normal reaction to Natural Flavors). I mention this because you say you don't react to the Natural Flavors in the chips or eggnog… so I am wondering if they truly are soy free or if we just don't react to certain things for unknown reasons (body decides regular Pepsi is OK)…You might also want to check out AllergyEats and fill out some reviews on local restaurants. I've written up a bunch on mine and will post them soon to the site. Mostly I find out I can't eat there, but even that info is handy for others to know. It's a great way to help others with food allergies in your community. You have a great blog! Keep posting to it!

  2. Anonymous~ Yes, I actually get hand eczema from Coke/Pepsi because of the natural flavors. Some natural flavors in some products are not from soy, but most are, so unfortunately it is trial and error for me. Thank you so much for recommending Allergy Eats I will check it out and review asap!!! Wow, yes Fritos uses corn oil but according to “The Omnivore's Dilemma” by Michael Pollan, alot of corn oil IS contaminated with soy and sometimes the same vats are used. Also, people need to be careful of some meats, because the feed is soy…I noticed I get hand eczema reactions from Perdue….Hope this helps and I'm sorry for taking so long to respond. I will be revamping this site a bit as well so I will post more frequently in the days to come. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this allergy and I hope you continue to visit since we all have to support each other!

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